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Microsoft did an automatic update yesterday morning on me...After it was complete, it told me to restart, which I did, when it restarted it went into reboot, and automatically re booted to day 1...Now it wont recognize my modem, I took out the modem, turned it on and loaded the drivers, shut it down, then installed the modem, restarted and nothing...the strange thing, is I open the control panel, click on modems, and the modem is not there..But in my system tray, it says it found new hardware, and shows the modem and its description.


Any clues???

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XP normally doesn't have these issues, but I guess they could. The fact that it's related to an auto-upgrade through Windows, though, really doesn't make sense.


But... obviously all hardware and drivers are sensitive to the systems they are on, etc. When I upgraded to Vista, I had the same problem with my wireless adapter. It would recognize the hardware, kind of... but never seem to 'register' with it appropriately.


I eventually had to find a work-around; Vista and my ol' adapter just didn't get along. Not sure how to help except to google it, Crav. You can't be the only one experiencing it.

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