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AC transit bus fight

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Guest BallTMore

I was lucky enough to see this when if first hit youtube. Probably my favorite youtube video of all time! I have "Brang amber lamps" as my text ringtone. Can't stop laughing at it!





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I had seen people battling about this vid on the CL rant/rave section for a few days but I couldnt figure out what vid they were talking about until someone posted it. The best part is the ghetto girl holding the camera egging on the black guy to "beat his white ass" only to be let down horribly. And then at the end she says they can press charges because she has it on video. They only thing the video shows is the santa looking guy avoiding the fight with words, then walking away, then refusing to stand up and fight again, then getting hit first. If anything the Black guy should be locked up for assault and battery.


Funny Pics


Oh and love the bloody guy saying "next time Im gonna F u up" as his face pours a gallon of blood on the floor

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