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Mel and Todds pick


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Raiders pick you know.. The fastest man from Maryland!


Ravens Gresham!


Kiper: The Ravens aren't finished in their mission to find weapons for Joe Flacco. Gresham is the best pure tight end in the draft and answered physical questions in Indy. The heir to Todd Heap is the perfect weapon for a young passer.


McShay: Baltimore addressed its wide receiver need by trading for Anquan Boldin and signing unrestricted free agent Donte' Stallworth. Gresham is the best pass-catching tight end on the board and would be a great addition to an already upgraded receiving corps.



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If he's still on the board, maybe they will. But I don't know if I see it, yet. I honestly think they've sized it up such that they can pick defensively as usual.


I really hope they don't do too much on one side this offseason. Boldin, Mason, and the murderer are more than enough.

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I like Gresham, but I don't see that happening with who is left on the board according to their selections. McShay has us passing up Taylor Mays, which, if it were to happen, would cause me to drive to Baltimore and burn down One Winning Drive. Kiper also has Mays going earlier, but has us then passing on Earl Thomas from Texas. I seem to be the only one thinking safety is a need, and it worries me. Reed is contemplating retirement and could be gone at a moments notice. We then have Landry on the other side, who in my opinion is basically garbage. I like the potential Zbikowski has, but, I'm not ready to put him out there full time. Thomas and Mays are both great athletes who probably could come in and start at SS and if not learn from Reed for a year and be ready to dominate.

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I just don't know about Taylor Mays. He lacks football instincts for a safety. He is everything that Ed Reed is not. Taylor Mays passes the physical test but everything else is a question mark for me.


As for Landry, like the rest of the secondary, he was playing some good ball at the end of the season. It maybe took him a while to get back into the swing of things.


As for picking a safety in the 1st, if Ozzie feels that that player is BPA then he will pick them. Personally, I now believe that he a TE, DE, CB or pass rushing DT are the areas of need and there is some good value at the end of the 1st with Odrick from Penn State and Price from UCLA at DT, Brandon Graham would be hands down ultimate pick if he falls to 25, Kyle Wilson would be great at CB. TE will also have good value but I think we could trade back and still get Gresham. If we don't take Gresham there are a lot of interesting TEs that will be available for our 2nd round pick.


There will also be some really good CBs that fall to our pick in the 2nd round as well.


Unless Graham falls, my ideal scenario is to trade back to the top of the 2nd and get a 3rd round pick back. Take the best CB, TE, DE or DT available and then go from there. We should be able to get good value at all those spots in the first 3 rounds. In the 5th I would like to see us take a shot at 1 of these sleeper WRs. Someone with enough speed to become a deep threat. With our other 5th and 6th round picks fill out some depth on the O and D lines or pick up a TE that has maybe fallen if we don't get 1 in the first 3 rounds.

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