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Ravens bringing in 3 more guys to interview


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Including LaeL Collins, a good OT. The line had injuries last year

and he's one of the best. It would be a luxary pick with needs at

corner and WR but Ozzie doesn't go by needs.


Also Randy Gregory, DE of Nebraska. Ravens like him so with

Ngata gone, it would be just like Ozzie to draft another pass rusher

like when he fooled everyone last year.


Finally, a WR to be interviewed but he's too small to repalce Torrey

Smith at WR but he is a break away threat in certain situations to

to mention when he's returning the ball.


He'd be a great return guy.


Ravens are interested in all these guys.




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Tim said on the other thread he didn't like him either but

I don't get it.


He's a top 10 pick on most mocks. He'll never fall to Ravens.


Ozzie sure likes him if you guys don't but why?



Because he is slow to respond to identify plays, weak in the upper & lower body, he has no "bend" to turn the corner, and only made a name for him self against weaker opponents.


A lot of players over the years are rated high, but turn out to not even make it in the NFL, let alone be a contributor on the team. I could be wrong, but I have not seen anything from him, and I watch a ton of college games, to warrant a first round pick, not high in the round, and certainly not at 26. I think there are a number of players with just as much talent and potential as he has who could be had later in the draft.

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