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Ozzie made good off season moves


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Did you notice in the link that the game seems to be too fast for Maxx?


I saw a story during mini camp that Maxx wasn't as exciting as Perriman but was catching

everything thrown to him and he moved the chains.


So who's right?

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Maxx is only 21 and if I remember correctly he's only had one full season of college ball. I think he probably needs a little more coaching and development time to mature into a good TE.

Yeah, I see Maxx as a situational player this whole year. He's got a lot on his plate learning every detail of his game. I don't see him starting at all, but next year, that's different.

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Great posts guys and I agree.


Yea, he's young but he was the best TE in the draft. He was originally projected in the 1st round but dropped

because of his age and experience but was still the best.


Pissburgh sure was upset when Ozzie jumped in front of them to steal him. He'll need coaching for sure but

everyone does but he's catching on.


I hope that Waller works out at TE @ 6'6. Send both of those guys across the middle from opposite directions

will get mismatches especially in the red zone for sure. Waller only had a couple of drops and that was

at the end of mandatory mini camp. He went to the rookie camp and OTAs w/o a drop, just like in college.


Man, I can't wait. I need my football fix NOW!

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