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Snyder Wampum No Good


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He continues to insult everyone's intelligence....




A Native American tribe from South Dakota will return a $25,000 donation from a charitable arm of the NFL's Washington Redskins, saying the team name is "derogatory and inappropriate."

The tribal council of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe voted Wednesday to return the check, which was issued last month by the Washington Redskins' Original Americans Foundation to the tribe's rodeo association.

"A lot of those in our community our opposed to accepting money from the Redskins, which to us is a racist organization; the term is derogatory and inappropriate," said Ryman LeBeau, the tribe's vice chairman and a councilman. "Their fans make a mockery of Indian culture, and that's just wrong."

The foundation was created in March 2014 by team owner Dan Snyder who thought that he could buy out Native Americans and get them off his back following intensifying calls by Native Americans and other groups for the team to do away with its name. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/washington-redskins-donation-rejected-south-dakota-tribe-080715


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