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Ten Ravens To Watch In Preseason Opener


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Nice article by Joe Palatania...





Don't blink, or they will be gone.

"They" refers to some of the bottom-end roster players who will take the field Aug. 13, when the Ravens host the New Orleans Saints in the 2015 preseason opener (7:30 p.m.; WBAL-TV, Comast SportsNet-Plus; WIYY-FM).http://www.pressboxonline.com/2015/08/12/ten-ravens-to-watch-in-preseason-opener-against-saints


These 10 listed players are questionable but there are also at least 10 players who may come out of nowhere, develop and impress the staff this year.

As we saw last year, the Ravens will be as good as how deep and talented their roster is.

The next few weeks will be the time to identify the guys who "aren't Ravens".



twilightzonewilltherealmartianpleasestan "Keep an eye on Means"



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Lot's to look for....

Can Schaub throw some TD's.

How will Buck Allen and Taliaferro look?

Do the Ravens have a secondary?

Is the defensive front 7 physical and nasty?

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I was going to add Means to the cut list. I haven't heard anything about him. Maybe

he makes the practice squad but with Aiken rising to the #3 WR and guys like

Marlon and Campy and Waller behind him, I don't see Means beating out any of

those guys including Campy who has had a good camp and has return duties.


Every year fans put Jah Reid on the list but he survives because of the injuries to the line

which were numerous with Monroe and Zuttah getting injured last year.


I also expect them to keep Jensen. Last year he battled Wagner for RT but lost ground immediately

and then was the number 1 backup but then placed on the PS when they found out he had

sleep apnea. That's correctible with weight loss and I read that Ryan has lost weight and is a good

backup with Urschel still ahead of him. They will need Urschel, Ryan and Jah plus of

course Hurst behind Monroe at LT and now maybe RT if Wagner is still injured. He wasn't drafted

high because of a foot injury and is now re-injured.


This is probably a make or break season for Arthur Brown but the links I posted in here said that

Zach Orr another undrafted player is ahead of him and running with first team at times. He has

had trouble with the system. Last year teams tried to trade for him but Ozzie refused saying

he was one of the best line backers in his draft and traded up to get him.


It would be bad if Brown were cut but thrived in another system but this is a do or die year for him.


This is definitely a make or break year for KLM who keeps getting injured so it's his time to put up

or shut up. He can be a great back up if he can stay healthy.


I can't wait to see Buck Allen although Tally will run first and has slimmed down and is much faster

and quicker than before. I can't wait to see Waller too, especially at TE if they use him there.









Just my opinions.

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Thanks bro.



See Carl Davis thread. He had great game tonight as rookie. He's another Jernigan from

last year with a repeat performance.


Loved Tally and Buck tonight and how about Nick Boyle?


See Mike Preston thread who said he will surprise fans and play because he makes big plays

and did tonight.


Campy caught big TD as player I wanted to see above.


Waller caught the ball as I mentioned above.


Maxx made a big play on 4th and 20 yard gain in final drive diving over a guy to make fantastic

catch and then carry someone on his back to the first down and moving the chain as advertised

after missing a TD. Stan White said we saw

Owen Daniels make that catch a lot last year but Maxx didn't but he's a rookie and only

20 yrs old. There's plenty of upside as we saw later on 4th and 20.

Radio guys said you want to get the ball to your best player in that situation and Maxx was

the best player and they went to him and he made the play. He also took a shot in the ribs

and was limping off the field but he was OK.



Maxx gave credit to the QB.


You could see the west coast offense with all the horizontal plays.


Anyone notice the shotgun under Trestman?


Zach Orr the undrafted LB mentioned above made good play in 2d half.


Kendrix Lewis played well but the scrubs were terrible.


And who was the rookie QB who won the game. He threw interception that allowed NO to go

ahead. He apologized to his linemen for the pass and they said don't worry, we're getting

the ball back and we have to do our job. He did with an 80 yrd drive.


14 touches for 53 yards from Tally as backup and he moved the pile. Forsett ran ony twice

by design.


Buck Allen impressed Stan White running and keep his legs moving afte getting hit. After

game radio guys were impressed with the two back up RBs.


Zadarius Smith whom I mentioned above played well. He made Dupree go in college taking

up blockers and freeing Dupree up.


Posters mentioned Jah Reid who's unit didn't do so well when in the game but came back

in the final drive.

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Maxx still had 12 yards to go after making the catch on 4th and 20 and carried

a guy to the first down. He was the best player on offense at that time and he

delivered. It wasn't as big as Rice's 4th and 29 but big nevertheless in a rookie's

first pro game.

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