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Boyle did it all


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Now he played against the 2's and 3's but he dominated them....




But don’t forget about Boyle just because he was a late-round draft pick. Out of all the tight ends, Matich was the most animated about Boyle’s potential.

“That’s the thing: Maxx Williams was the first tight end taken in draft. Well, in the fifth round out of Delaware, they take this guy named Nick Boyle, a big 260-pound tight end, [to] see what he can do,” Matich said. “Boyle looked fantastic in this game. He was at the point of attack running plays and he did well. More than just holding his own. He was driving people out of the way. He was opening holes at the point of attack as a blocker.

“Then in the second half, they started to see if he could catch the ball. And he would reach out and catch it with his hands sometimes. Sometimes he would be well covered – actually most of the time he would be well covered, he’s not that fast – but when he was well covered he used his body to shield off the defender and with hands in there trying to strip the ball, he caught it anyway. He was very reliable. And I’ll tell you this – to my eyes – looked like he’s already an NFL tight end.”http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Late-For-Work-817-Still-Concerned-About-Young-Ravens-Tight-Ends-You-Shouldnt-Be/1387b557-d6aa-4e41-9068-6119cbc7541b


THE YOUNG TIGHT ENDS!!!!!!!!! :gorave:

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