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Listen to a Peter Angelos written script, delivered by Andy MacPhail.


This is pathetic. It makes me not want to be an O's fan. It's embarrassing to MacPhail. It's embarrassing to the club. He just rambles for a few minutes about all the things going wrong for the team and says "please, please stick around!"


MacPhail likes to talk to the reporters... so how about a Q&A? Or media session?


But in that little office, talking to a camera, twirling that pen in his hand. He seriously looks like someone has a gun to his head.

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What the hell are a Q&A or media session going to do for anyone? Why would I care? What would come of it? It would be totally useless.


I don't think Angelos had anything at all to do with this. And you're totally off-base as to its intent. He never says anything close to "stick around" whatsoever. He doesn't even mention the fans at all aside from the close: "thanks for your support."


It was a reminder that the guys upstairs know that everything is garbage and they've gotta keep working to get it straightened out. If you're reading into it more than that, you're probably too pissed off with the team in the first place to be considering the situation.

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Well... first, I was trying to say that I'm not opposed to the concept of talking to the fans or giving a 'state of the team' address. But I think doing it in this manner, as opposed to the manner the Ravens use with media and a team of coaches, is weird and awkward. You talked awkward about Patterson - this video is awkward.


Meanwhile... I know exactly what it's intent was. It was a talk to the fans about the crappy start of the team. But it seems like creating a series of excuses as much as an 'acknowledgment' of anything happening. And there's no mention of how they're going to fix it - except that "we'll make those changes when they come" and "maybe later there will be more external options open to us."


I guess my point is this - MacPhail is known for being professional and knowledgeable, and he showed both of those things in that video. But he's also known as being very open about things, especially with the media.


That video did not strike me as very open. It struck me as very handled. Trying to sound like he's 'getting it' without being too negative. Just like our announcers and our radio crews. And you're right, it does annoy me and make me angry.



I left a game a few weeks back the O's lost 4-1 or something. On the way home, 45 minute drive, I heard 20 minutes of league scores... 10 minutes of how the pitching was pretty good... 10 minutes of the solid defense... and then 5 more minutes of league score. And never a mention - literally, not ONE mention - of the fact that the Orioles had scored just 1 run for the um-teenth time in their 30 games. That's not only absurd, it's insulting.


Just like I said way back in November that it's insulting that every year we sign a guy like Garrett Atkins and get to listen to months of announcers telling us just how good he COULD be based on his past numbers, if only he can 'get there again.' That's insulting. And hearing it about Luke Scott and Mike Gonzalez and whoever is insulting.


Scott is warming up. He'll hit 8-9 more home runs between now and June 9, I bet. And then he'll he 10 the entire rest of the season. I'll make that bet right now. But in September, when he's hitting 215 post-All Star Break, I can guarantee you that every freaking time he comes to the plate Joe Angel, Fred Manfra, Jim Hunter, Gary Thorne, Tom Davis, Dave Johnson - whoever it may be - will shove down my fucking throat that he "could turn on like in June anytime."


And that's f'n insulting. What makes him Luke Scott is not that he hits 9 HRs a month for a season... it's that he hits 9 HRs a month for a month. And that's his season. Right there. So here it comes, in the next four weeks. But be ready to be told for the remainder of a season about all that he COULD offer - if we all just hope and pray and cross our fingers just enough.

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My god, I hit a nerve.


I agree with you to a certain extent. The potential is no longer relevant, and no one wants to hear about it anymore.


But what else are they supposed to talk about? How else can they keep us entertained? They're working with some of the worst product available in the entire sport. What else are they supposed to say? Would you prefer complaints every night about how no one can score and no one can close games? That wouldn't wear on you, hearing over and over and over again?

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I'd at least like it acknowledged... Jim Palmer's about the only announcer I can stand because in his subtle, disgusted way he says "You have to make that pitch" or "You have to score there."


I can handle optimism. I can handle not dwelling on the awfulness - lord knows I don't want to dwell. But I'd at least like it acknowledged. I'd like someone to go off like that Indians announcer every now and then and say, "Dear Lord, if we could just get a HIT..."

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I'm tired of reacting to any reactions; it's ridiculous to listen to or read about the continual posturing the management and media perform to make this team appear legitimate. The Orioles are a minor league team that pays major league salaries, for minor league performance. Really, they're sad.


edit: yeah, the red pen was distracting, more interesting than his excusings...

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