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Gilmore is 5th best TE, Maxx is #6


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For anyone dissing Ozzie's drafts, Gilmore and Maxx are the

5th and 6th best TEs in NFL and Gilmore has missed the last

couple games as you know but iced the wild card game in

Pissburgh last year with a big TD and Ravens first win up there

in playoffs.


Maxx comes in at #6 as a rookie and was the best TE in the



Gronk of course in #1 followed by Eiffert, Reed and Graham.


And speaking of the draft, how about Buck Allen coming in for

the injured Forsett after gaining 120 yrds and gaining 58 yards

himself including a run of 44 yards.

And he can catch. I was really excited about this guy when we

drafted him.


The o-line did a great job of blocking in the run game.



Elsewhere, Monroe got high grade of +5.2 upon his return from a

concussion and stonewalling a strong pass rush attempt from the

left side although most of the pressure came from the right.

Nice job by Monroe.




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