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Brent Urban !


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Brent symbolizes some of the hope for the future that will emerge from this current lot of players.

Can Williams, Boyle, Gilmore, Buck, West, Hurst, Urschel, Jernigan, Wagner, Davis, Zadarius Smith take it to the next level?

They don't have to be All Pro's although that would be nice....just be good, fundamentally sound and SMART football players.



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Yepper !




It's all about playing as a team - having character, chemistry and consistency. Look at the Carolina Panthers - aside from Cam, Keuchley, Norman, they have a bunch of good, not great players. But they are ballers and play as a team.


Maybe that's the direction our team takes down the road.


We've got a few youngsters to build around.

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They're definitely the nucleas to build around. I posted a link last week where someone called

Brian Williams and Donald who broke Forsett's arm just hitting it as two of the best

pocket rushers in the game. Donald beat out Mosley for DROY by just 7 votes. CJ

did better with more tackles but Donald had 9 sacks and that's all. But don't

forget about Mosley too.

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