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Ravens vs Skids

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I am still thawing out my toes, dude !


There were a scattering of Skids fans, including one of my sons (:huh: yeah, I know ), in the house.

After Reed's fumble return for a TD, Skids fans could hardly be heard all night. The only time they

woke up was after Flacco's pick late in the 3rd Quarter and McGahee's fumble. Otherwise, it was a quiet

bunch most of the night.


FYI- I have now seen Ed Reed do a trifecta twice against the Skins; once in 2004 at Fedex (Reed causing Brunell fumble, recovering ball and running it in for a TD), and then Sunday night at M & T (stripping Portis, recovering ball and scoring TD). Skins fans must have nightmares of Ed Reed ! :P

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Sounded to me like SNF had the crowd mics turned way up so everything was audible... very much the way FOX is known for turning up the crowd noise on broadcasts.


That, or they just had the mics pointed in the right spots.

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Guest BallTMore

I think the "Coooley" chants mixed in the Ravens' fans yelling "Boooo" (Redskins just got their first, first-down) made it sound like there were more 'Skins fans then there really were. I only saw two sitting in my section, and they had nothing to say all night.

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