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Canty and Smith released.Upshaw, KO Gone?


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Stanley is not a top 10 tackle. If they take him there, they will rue the day. I am not sure he will be a good left tackle or tackle for that matter. He may be better suited to guard in the NFL. You don't take a guard in the top 10, you don't even take a right tackle in the top 10 unless you have a left handed quarterback....


Monroe is not the answer, I said it when they signed him, I will stick to it; he can't stay healthy and he is not strong at the point of attack. KO may not be a great left tackle, not worth 60 mil over 5 years, but now, they have no left tackle unless some one steps up their play from last year. I still have hope for Hurst, maybe he makes that move.

So that brings us back to Stanley whom Kiper has us taking in his 2.0 mock if KO leaves which he did. I've

seen both Tunsil and Stanley going in top 3 and nfl.com's mock has Tunsil as the first player drafted. He's

the best player in the country.

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McShay's 2.0 mock also has Ravens drafting Stanley and he says what I've been posting here. We can

plug him in and forget the left side. McShay said he greatly improved going back for his Sr year and

has long frame and reach.



6.) Baltimore Ravens (5-11)

Ronnie Stanley, T, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

When picking this high -- and the Ravens rarely do -- you'd ideally like to draft a priority position (QB, OT, pass-rusher, CB or WR, with the order depending on team needs). Stanley benefitted greatly from returning to school for his senior season, during which he showed improved strength and technique. He is a fine athlete for his long frame and would give the Ravens a long-term solution at left tackle.

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Here's a report from Walter Football calling him a top 20 pick. He took over Zack Martin's spot

after the Cowboys drafted him. Stanley has quick feet and good arm strength. He also played

in a zbs which the Ravens still run. Remember all the guys like Gino who couldn't learn it.

Stanley will fit right into ours.


He needs to add strength but he's even better at run blocking and fires into the d-line and often

to the second level knocking guys down.




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Here's Kiper's comments saying he has a long frame and can pass block and is explosive in

run blocking. Says work ethic off the field and does't play hard every down are main draw backs but

he took over for Zack Martin and played well enough to protect ND's QB to be a top 20 player on all boards




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A scout here questions his work ethics and at the combines Stanley said some people think Im



Another scout said he has good blocking techniques in pass blocking.




I watched him a ton. The only times he looked top 10 worthy were against lesser opponents. Sure he can fire off the ball, but he struggles to find people to block on the 2nd level.


Quick feet are nice but his base is too narrow, he waits too long to engage in pass sets. He struggles with both bull rushers and speed rushers.


He is a 3 year project Before he is ready to start and be a solid left tackle. You don't draft that type of player with the 6th pick.

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