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It seems like Ravens have 3 first round picks


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Ravens are justifiably excited about who will be there at #6 and they feel like they will have

3 first round picks at the end of the day.


Of course the first is the 6th pick of the draft and the following should be there like a Ramsey or Hargreaves @ CB, couple of pass rushers like a Buckner, Bosa or Jack or LT Ronnie Stanley if KO leaves, then Perriman will be like a #1 pick since he was out this year, and then they get the 36th pick.


HARBs said we've never talked about the players we're talking about now because we always

drafted so low. You really don't want to be at #6 but once there you reach in the grab bag. I say these players

they're talking about will turn things around next year and take them to the Playoffs along with Perriman

coming back.


See all the impact players taken at the 36th pick since 08. Half of them went to the pro bowl.



“There’s no doubt [he’s like another first-round pick],” DeCosta said. “I think Breshad is really going to open eyes this year and show people what he can do. His skillset, the type of kid he is, his ability – we’re excited to see him on the field this year.”







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How fans forget-lol.


Ozzie got a SB ring just 36 months ago drafting near or at the bottom of draft and he would have

two more rings from the last two SBs had it not been for all those injuries and some bad luck. He took

it to NE with a deleted secondary beating Piss in the wild card game with Melvin just picked off the street.

It took the best QB and coach and a lot of cheating, trickery and bending of the rules to beat that

secondary on the way to the SB. Ozzie had guys he drafted like #1 pick Jimmy Smith out and Webb

injured before that. He has beaten NE in NE in February more than anyway.


That' some pretty good drafting. His Flacco/Rice draft is historic like his

JO/Ray class. How many GMs have that?


Not many. He also made the SB with the likes of 3 of the greatest at teir positions of

Suggs,Ngata, and Reed plus standouts Yanda and Ellerbe who won SB 47 blitzing KAP

at the end forcing him to over throw Crabtree in the end zone.mm not to mention the guys he signed like Boldin and Pollard and McPhee.

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Younger guys like Brandon Williams was called the 2d best pocket rusher in the game last

year after losing Ngata and CJ Mosley is a new cornerstone to the defense and missed

rookie of year by just 7 votesl


Not bad and Ozzie would have a couple more rings if his dumb coaches had't lost some

playoffs with all th.e talent he gave them.


SI and Peter King said they would win SB 50 before the season started but then 80%

of the team ended up on the injured list. That's a lot of talent.


Ozzie has his missed like Kindle, Oher, Cody, Cody, and Elam but far less than most GMs.


Phil Savage said on Nasty's show at the Barn that I look into the audience and see a lot of Heap,

Ogden, Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis jerseys but we didn't know they would be the stars they

became when we drafted them. We hoped they would but had no guarantees.


A few years ago I posted a link that said Ozzie had more players still playing than any other

GM. It was something like 80% after losing guys like AD, Bart Scott, JJ, Hartwell, Rabach,Jamie Sharper,

Ellerbe, McPhee, Kruger, Torrey Smith, etc to the free agency.

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Also, they bring guys in here they want to interview again although they bring in a lot they

know they won't have a shot at but they want them and interview them in case they fall

like a Ray Lewis.


Everyone wanted Zack Martin two years ago but Ravens never brought him in. That was a clue

they didn't want him and took Mosley.

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