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Ladarius Webb


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So the other night was my uncles BDay, His rich friend paid 2500 dollars to have ladarius webb come to the house and hang out for a few hours and auction off a bunch of ravens merchandise. He was extremely polite and down to earth. He had his hot GF with him and his limo waiting outside. He shook hands with everyone at the party and answered all questions, signed items, etc. He said before he ran back this KO- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdtWDg1ct_4 - Ray lewis approached him, said "you got the spark, I can feel it" then touched Ladarius on the shoulder and said "yeah you got it, Touchdown."


Overall it was an awesome experience. Money from the auction goes to charity, BTW ladarius webb is a LITTLE dude. Like my size, 5'8" 180 tops. Not walking with a limp AT ALL, he said he feels 85% right now.

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The kids young so he will be back. I just don't think it will be early in the season.


I didn't think so either, then I see video of Wes Welker out there full speed running and cutting in Pats practice agaainst the Saints. Welker tore his ACL and MCL in January (Webb only his ACL). They let the MCL heal on its own first, so he didn't have ACL surgery until February. We will have see with Webb, but you have to like his chances to be a major contributor this season.

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Wes might be the exception to the rule. Just because one dude can do it doesn't mean they all can.


On the flip side if one person can do it that means it is a possibility. Like Welker, Webb has been working his ass off all offseason. Both guys have top of the line training staffs. Of course, you are right, every injury is different. All I am pointing out is that seeing what Welker is doing should be very encouraging for fans when it comes to Webb and Washington. Welker's injury was worse and did not have surgery until months later than Webb and Washington.

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