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How do you define a player who can do almost anything imaginable on a football field, who can leverage a game with the ability to deliver two or three big plays every week?


How do you define Ravens safety Ed Reed?


By the 39 passes he has intercepted in his NFL career, five returned for touchdowns?


By the 11 total touchdowns he has scored over seven seasons?



By extraordinary return skills that produced touchdowns of 106 and 107 yards, and the two longest interception returns in NFL history?


By the havoc he creates on special teams, where three times he not only blocked a punt but also carried it in for a touchdown?


By his well-known devotion to film study and attention to detail?


By his four Pro Bowl and three All-Pro selections?


One more question: What new titles are there for a player who can do all that?


Derrick Mason has one.





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Anyone ever wonder why we never have him in as a deep threat receiver? He seems to have good hands for a DB, I don't recall him dropping many INT opportunites. He seems to have the speed to seperate based on the punt return TDs and the INT TDs. Just a thought.


Dallas tried it with Deion several years ago.........if Deion could catch he would've had a ton of TDs.

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