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Preseason: Week 4


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  • 3 weeks later...

Against the Pats the Rams had 30 1st downs, 462 yards of offense for 36 points and almost 44 minutes of possesion!


The 2nd unit and lower will be playing this game...they have their hands full.


GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Not much depth to the O line...they can't create a hole for Palmerlee and Troy Smith is getting slaughtered.


The TE (I think it was a TE) was wide open in the corner of the endzone but Smith didn't see him...that would have been 7.


Demetrius Williams has his obligatory 1 good game to save his ass and stay on the roster....it happens every year.


Nice return Reed!!!!!!!


The rest of what I saw in the 1st half was DARK...very dark...like some Edgar Allen Poe scene.

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Can someone tell me what Ellerbe did? The game was too boring for me :P



Taunting cleetz...classless...he carried the ball like a loaf of bread, stopped before he crossed the goal line, waited for the Rams to catch up and then extended the ball over the plane of the goal and stepped in. Harbaugh grabbed him by the jersey and was angry as hell...got in his face and gave him a mouthfull.

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