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Preseason: Week 2


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  • 2 weeks later...

OK...bring it on!

I'm pissed.


I've been watching the Redskins pre game show and fans are texting in

ravens r done

Maryland is Redskins country

Flacco will suffer...



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Guest BallTMore

Few halftime thoughts:


Suggs looks great! He's in amazing shape. He should, and better have a big year.


Carey Williams looks good in the secondary. It's a shame he's suspended for two games.


The run defense looks much better this week.


Offense looks out of sync. But they started to get better in the second qtr.


Oher had a better game this week. As did the o-line. Still not great, but better.

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Bulger looked very good until Harper killed the drive. They would have taken it in....Bulger to Stallworth. Bulger knows the weaknesses of the cover 2.


Holding McNabb to 3 points is a very good outing for the D...even though they gave up yardage and were not good on 3rd down on the opening drive. That was the 2nd unit D on the field for the last drive.


Cundiff is helping his cause tonight.


2nd half will be interesting with all the 2's and 3's on the field.


Halftime @ Fed Up Field...


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Nice running by Parmele...making up for last week. TD!


Can you see how quickly Bulger reads the field...lightning fast.


Hey...Reed's making a case for a roster spot.

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The texts have changed on the Redskins game coverage...


"I think we got a little too over excited with the Bills win."


reality check! Lot's of work needs to be done"


"I think it's gonna be a long season."


"I wish the Skins were in the AFC North" bwahahaahaaaaa!

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