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Week 2 Pre Season Game Thoughts


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Matteson is blitzing a lot...he's committed to pressuring the QB. I like it.


The first unit D let the Skins march up and down the field but did not give up a TD. 3 points for the night is a good showing...the Skids did put up 42 last week on the Bills (who led the Colts 24-21 at the half!)


1.4 ypc....nobody will run on this group this year...but they will pass. 365 yards worth last night!


The D got killed on 3rd down. They couldn't get off the field. Nevertheless clamping down in the redzone and being real stingy was good to see.


Actually the secondary held up well...Hamlin and Williams with a pick each.



Washington looks like he has all his speed back. Landry was out of position at times but still had a solid game. Zibby and Nakamura have definately taken that next step and are playing very well.


4 sacks. The pressure was there and they held McNabb to 11 0f 26 for a QB rating 54.3 rating...way below his career average...the 206 yards passing on those 11 completions exposed a weakness.


The linebackers did not cover well at all. The middle was open all day. TE's will kill this group if they don't improve.

Ray looked slow.

Gooden even slower...I'd say it's time to give up on Gooden. Too many flaws in his game. Slow to the ball, can't shed blocks...

Phillips...nice game dude.

Suggs good game and Burgess had a good night.


Cody looks very good...I think he'll be like Sam Adams (without the Sybil part) in a year or 2. Very cool.


I really miss seeing Kindle and what he would have brought to this D.

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Suggs was very quick. I guess all that offseason conditioning is paying off.


#41 Travis Fisher (I think that's his name) was awful. If they started him to evaluate him then they definitively got their answer: Cut!


Cary williams looks like he should be kept. He looks like he's a bit of a playmaker.

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