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Houshmanzadeh Whining Again


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Days after catching the game-winning touchdown in Pittsburgh, wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh continued to express disappointment over his role in the offense.


Houshmandzadeh ranks sixth on the team with five catches after four games. According to the former Pro Bowl wide receiver, he was told that he was going to get between 50 to 60 catches before he signed with the Ravens.


"For me, I knew coming in what I was getting myself into," Houshmandzadeh said. "But I believe in myself. So the belief in myself said once they see me, things will change. We’ll see if that holds to be true."


Houshmandzadeh said he only played 12 snaps against Cleveland in Week 3 and had about the same number at Pittsburgh until the end of the game.


"I was happy [the Steelers] scored because we were going to go two-minute and we were going to throw it," said Houshmandzadeh, referring to the Steelers going ahead 14-10 midway through the fourth quarter. "When we throw the ball, they can’t stop us. If [the offensive line] protects like they protect up front and we throw, they can’t stop us."


Houshmandzadeh signed with the Ravens six days before the season opener and immediately played. He caught one pass in the season opener and then dropped a couple of passes at Cincinnati.





What is wrong with this guy? If catching the game-winning touchdown doesn't shut him up then nothing will. I can't believe he said he wanted the steelers to score....he's nuts. He starting to become a cancer and we may have no choice but to get rid of him.

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Guest BallTMore

He'd have at least 10-15 catches if he would hold on to the ball.


I'm glad he has fire and wants the ball, but being glad the Steelers scored is not cool.


In an offense with Boldin, Mason, Heap and Rice there aren't enough footballs to keep everyone happy.


Agree, stop complaining, or you'll find yourself on the bench when Stallworth is ready to go.

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Get me a hankie. He's been here a month. Is he not smart enough to understand it takes time to fit in an offense?


Cam has to get a feel for him and Joe has to learn how to work with him.


Haush has a lot of missed time to make up. The Ravens are about winning games and a championship....not about using games as practice time. Haush has missed 95% of this 2010 teams pre season preparation and practice for this season. The offense was installed before he got here. The dude needs to shut up, work hard and be patient. He should take Sunday's game as a positive step toward his being a bigger part of this offense.

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I agree with BallTMore, I'm glad he has fire and wants the ball. TJ came here to win, as long as we keep winning there are no problems at all. He knows that, I don't anticipate this being a problem. As the season goes on, TJ is going to become more comfortable in the offense and the balls are bound to come his way. The only problem I had was his quote on Boldin. Boldin is not getting the ball because he has the contract, he is getting the ball because he is an absolute STUD who is always getting open. Like max said, TJ was not here for 95% of the work we did. That is not his fault, Seattle dealt him a tough hand. But Boldin was here all offseason, so of course Joe is going to be more comfortable with him at this point.

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TJ came here to win, as long as we keep winning there are no problems at all.



And yet here he is complaining after a victory. We're 3-1 and there have already been two stories about him complaining about his role. It's only going to get worse. Who cares about what role you have when the team is doing well. Like BallT said - He's had opportunities. He missed 4 or 5 balls in the Cinci game and we'd probably have won that game if he had been able to come up with those catches. He's completely oblivious to the fact that's he's had opportunities and blown them.


What's worse, with Flacco trying to find his footing, he doesn't need the added stress of trying to satisfy player X or player y. It should all be irrelevant as long as we keep winning games.

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