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...well, you know.




LOL...I'm glad someone caught that...I was watching when they panned to him and I was like wow does he needs to calmmm down. Pretty funny though.


Btw I read this article this morning - more proof of his douch-ness


Macchirole said he didn't touch the ball until after the ball hit the cement. He also said he did not make contact with Cruz's glove. Replays seemed to indicate otherwise, but it appeared he never reached over the fence, which would make it fan interference.


"[Cruz] was yelling at me but I wasn't going to say anything," said Macchirole, who is a Penn State student from Middle Village, Queens. "It was a home run. I was celebrating the home run."




As for Macchirole, he said he didn't have Cano's home run ball -- though reporters could see a ball stashed in his pocket. He said he and a friend left their seats and headed for the concourse for fear of getting kicked out of the ballpark.


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