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It goes without saying but if Joe's problem with cover 2 stems from the safeties coming up to shut off Joes sideline's passes - arguably Joe's favorite - and his alleged inability to consistently make intermediate passes - maybe the answer is related to our running game?


Cases in point:


Game 1 (Jets)


Flacco - 20-38 248 yds

Rice 21- 43


Game 2 (Bengals)


Flacco - 17-39 154 yds + 3 picks

Rice 16-87


Game 3 Browns


Flacco - 22-31 262 3 tds

Rice 15-88


Game 4 Steelers


Flacco - 24-37 256 1 td

McGahee 14-39


Game 5 Broncos


Flacco 14-25 196

Rice 27-133



Game 6 NE


Flacco 27-35 285 2 TDS

Rice 28-88



The above stats show Flacco had strong games when Rice/McGahee were effective (Browns game) but was awful even when Rice was effective (Bengals 16-87). So there is not a strong correlation (statistically) between Flacco's and Rice/McGahee's performance. In fact, arguably Joe's best game was last Sunday when Rice scampered for only 3.1 ypc.


These are simply stats but they do show Joe is effective whether the running game is weak or strong. Perhaps the real answer is, as we saw last weekend, how he, Cam and the O will adjust to cover 2 and other defensive schemes to overcome his weakness with the intermediate passes.


Maybe Buffalo provides the ideal opportunity.

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Nice post Va..


No running game, no way to bet the cover 2..Ray Rice had 28 touches for 88 yrds Sunday with his longest rush being 8 yards, that isnt going to pull the LBers's up..


Interesting piece I heard from Brad Jackson yesterday on the radio, the Cover 2 is designed to attack the center of the field..After Todd Heaps blow to the head, the Ravens ran ZERO pass plays to the middle of the field...I'd like to know if someone has the game taped and can verify that.

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Thanks Crav,


Cannnot verify but dont recall many, if any, passes across the middle after Heap's shot. Before Heap's shot, Joe threaded a nice TD pass to Heap in the center of the field. After Merriweather's head shot, nothing. Interesting !?


Given the scrutiny on Cam/Flacco this week, it will be interesting to see how they respond on Sunday. If ever there was a game for Cam to unleash Joe, attack the center of the field, spread it out, this may be our best shot for a while (with Miami and Atlanta on the horizon).

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