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While many are again running from the house at the first sign of smoke... I am happy to say I'm pleased with where we are.


In a league where parity is the norm and a season where upsets are the special, the Ravens have survived so far.


Think about it... Oakland put up 59 points. The Browns (the BROWNS) beat the defending Super Bowl champion Saints... in a largely DEFENSIVE effort. The Chiefs are the AFC West's best looking team. The Rams are the NFC West's best looking team. The Texans upended the Colts in week one. The Cowboys and Vikings were disastrous.


This is a season flipped upside-down.


So I will gladly take 'escaping' over 'not escaping,' regardless of expectations.



I am also SO TIRED on this board (and in the media) of "things this team needs to do to look like a Super Bowl contender. (As if 5-2 with only 2 road losses weren't enough?) Every Super Bowl winner over the past, oh, i dunno, EVER, has had a game or two where they suddenly didn't look like a Super Bowl contender.


The Saints last year lost their final 3 of the season. Yes, part of that was resting starters. But it wasn't exactly intentional. And the first loss, to Dallas, certainly wasn't. But they also barely escaped the Redskins earlier in the season (3 pts) and the Rams (5 pts). They lost to the Bucs at home in the final three games... after beating the Bucs by 31 in Tampa earlier. And it wasn't all season long that people were touting that New Orleans (NO?) Defense as Super Bowl ready.


The Steelers in 08? 12-4. And lost a game to the Eagles 15-6. 15 to 6!


I rest my case.

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I know I get annoyed/disappointed with this team because one week they look like the best team in the NFL, and the next week they do something (losing to a bad Cinci team or getting shredded in the secondary) that makes them look like the 9-7 inconsistent team from last year.


By the way how bad does that Cinci loss look now? They've beaten us and the Panthers this year...and I think that was Clausen's first start.

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Guest BallTMore

Some teams just don't match up well. Cincinnati and Carson Palmer have been a thorn in our side for a few years now. They just know how to play, and beat us.



I don't think you can read too much into those games, honestly.

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