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Fitting finale

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This team punctuated another mediocre season with a sorry performance yesterday. Embarrassing performance from a "scary" team nobody wanted to see in the playoffs. Well, nobody's going to see this team in the playoffs.


We should have seen this coming after last Saturday's sorry performance against a horrendous Colts team that should have beaten us.


Well, in spite of it all, they still exceeded my expectations of an 8-8 record which only occurred because of playing sorry teams with backup QBs.


At least they'll get a decent draft pick and for Gods sake Ozzie please draft an offensive playmaker - Calvin Ridley or someone who has WR skills - and put an NFL offensive roster together.


It'll take a couple of years to fix this mess; at least let's get this thing started this season.

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Yes it was VA. The defense with 3 shut outs lost yet another 4th quarter lead. The one that leads the league in turnovers could only get 1. We knew those were all false numbers, Blake Bortles tore them apart for crying out loud.



The offense was so predictable, most teams new what was coming, what running plays, what route combinations.... Yes, no first downs in the first half, 1 completed pass or something to that affect.


Then they come out firing, why? Cinci is in a zone defense, so it is easy pickens. Their defensive front ate too much at half time, got to cozy by the fire amd couldn't stop the run, at first.


But then the offense does something srupid that costs them points or calls a stupid obvious play on first & 2nd down leaving the drive stalled amd they settle for 3.


We've seen this movie ten thousand times, it always ends up with no playoffs.


I though 4 wins so I should be happy, right? They won 9 games, yippie!


Some coach once said you are what your record says you are; pshh on that, this team, more often than not played like a 4 win team.


Yesterday was proof.

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