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Sam Koch QB rating...almost better than Flaccos for the day...:)


I'm watching that play going "WTF?" and then "Holy Shit!"


Check out5 Harbs yelling at Williams...:)



Gutsy call that told me this is a heads up team, well coached and playing to win.


Until Sunday, Sam Koch had never thrown a pass in any football game he ever played...First of all, the Ravens didn't call for a fake. Second, it was not automatic that Koch throw the ball just because the Dolphins neglected to cover Williams on the left side of the Ravens' formation. And third, there was chaos on both sidelines.


Now get this....Koch highest throwing skills to date...all that he could put on his football passing resume are...

Koch is not a bad tosser — in the corn-hole board game the Ravens play in the locker room during breaks, he is perhaps the best player. Sunday, he threw his first pass and didn't punt once, a most curious development.



"Well...I started my day like this...


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Didnt Koch do that in Dallas a few years ago. Maybe it was a run. Either way, both were huge !

Did you notice the Dolphins trying (obviously unsuccessfully) to call a time out right before the play.


That was a hard run.. think it was 10 yards.

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