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Looks like young done in Nashville


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Vince Young is toast in Tennessee. That has to be it for the Titans' 2006 first-round pick, doesn't it? There's really no way back for the Young era in Nashville after Sunday's career-worst meltdown in the wake of the Titans' damaging 19-16 overtime loss to Washington.


Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher said after the game that Young had already lost his job as the Titans' starter, thumb injury or no thumb injury. But it has to go further than that, because if you keep Young on the roster, you might have to use him, given the banged up state of Tennessee's quarterback depth chart. And there's no way you can insert Young into a game at home. Not any more. Not after Sunday.


A frustrated Young threw his shoulder pads into the stands as he left the field, and there were some reports of him allegedly tossing his helmet toward the fans as well. According to Titans sources, he engaged in a shouting match with teammate Michael Griffin in the postgame locker room and wound up shoving the Titans safety. Young quickly left the locker room in street clothes, with Griffin, wearing only shorts, chasing him into the players' parking lot.


Young was booed heavily at times during the first half, and at one point waved both hands at the fans as if telling them to keep it up and to pump up the volume. He tore a tendon in his throwing thumb in the second half and was replaced by rookie quarterback Rusty Smith, who finished the game and will now be prepared as the starter for next week's game at Houston. Young may require season-ending surgery, and if so, it's safe to assume he's played his last game in a Titans uniform.


Listening to NBC they said he Told Fisher that he was not walking out on his teammates but Fisher. I wonder where his next gig will be.

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You could see this coming a mile away. Everyone seems to be getting on Young, but I think Young is sick of Fisher looking for any excuse to bench him. Last year Kerry Collins was 0-6 and Bud Adams still had to force Fisher to start Young. They then went 8-2 in the final 10 games. This year Fisher has again shown his lack of faith in Young, benching him at several points throughout the year in the middle of games in which he was playing poorly. In the Titans' first game with Randy Moss, Fisher made sure to give the Collins the first crack with Moss by starting Collins even though Young was healthy enough to play. No wonder the Fans boo Young when he plays poorly because they know his own coach doesn't want him in there.


I don't know what the deal is with his thumb. If it needs surgery then he picked a bad moment for his frustration to boil over. If his thumb is fine, then I think Fisher has some explaining to do.


Either way, one of these two guys won't be there next year.

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Jeff Fisher could be trying to force his way out of Tennessee


Most NFL observers believe that, after the season, Titans owner Bud Adams will have to choose between quarterback Vince Young and coach Jeff Fisher.


Fisher apparently is trying to make the decision easier for Adams.


At a time when the organization has issued a statement aimed at refuting a report from Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that Young was asked to leave the facility on Monday, Fisher tells ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that, indeed, Young has been banned.


Here’s the money quote from Mort’s story: “Fisher made it clear that Young is currently not welcome at the facility at the present time.”


And so the bigger story here is that the team is trying to tiptoe its way around the situation, and Fisher is mincing no words. It’s a recipe for Fisher to eventually be the former coach of the Titans.


And it’s not a surprise. Last year, someone (i.e., Fisher) leaked to Mortensen the notion that Adams’ decision to force Fisher to bench Kerry Collins may have opened a “loophole” in Fisher’s contract that would have allowed Fisher to force his way out.


Said Mort at the time, “The Cowboys, the Bears. You never know.”


Over a year later, that same sentiment applies. Though Fisher’s six playoff appearances in 17 years and his career winning percentage of 54.6 shouldn’t move him into the presidency of the Fired Football Coaches Association, the Cowboys and Bears are the two teams that could be the most interested in Fisher.


We’d throw the Texans into the mix as well. And the chance that Fisher would return to Houston and remain in the division could be enough to get Adams to keep Fisher around.


Or Fisher's rolling. That is a mess down there.

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