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Matt Millen still an ass


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Matt Millen gets miffed about Favre criticism


We’ve pointed out from time to time our amazement at the fact that the man who drove the Detroit Lions into the ground has been able to parlay his ineptitude into not one nor two but three jobs in the media.


But Matt Millen has done just that, and the only good news is that he provides us with some periodic entertainment. Like last week, when he was gushing over the coach who led the Lions to, um, no wins in 2008.


Or like last night, when Millen took up for his huntin’-and-tractor-drivin’ buddy Brett Favre in response to a suggestion from Steve Young that Favre is, as a practical matter, running the Vikings.


The folks at Yahoo! Sports have the video, and it’s compelling.



“This running the team stuff, I don’t buy that crap at all,” Millen said, in instantly and obviously irritated fashion. Young responds by saying that it’s exactly what’s happening.


“I don’t buy it because you’re not there, Steve,” Millen said. “You don’t have any idea what goes on in that freakin’ locker room.”


Given the look on Millen’s face, Young’s retort was a wise one. “That’s true,” Young said sheepishly.


But here’s the thing. Millen isn’t in the locker room, either. And so guys like Millen and Young, who used to be in locker rooms, interpret the circumstantial evidence of things happening outside of the locker room in the hopes of helping us all understand what may be going on inside the locker room.


And here’s the difference between Young and Favre on this one. Young was being objective. Millen apparently is helping out a friend.


Remember the report from Jay Glazer about Millen calling Favre when he was with the Jets and getting information about how the Lions could best beat the Packers? We think Millen got upset because Young was saying bad things about one of Millen’s guys.


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