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Keys to the Game


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Here's one from Joe Palantania...


If the Steelers’ pass rush, which has accumulated 32 sacks, tied for second in the league, just one behind leader San Diego, gets to Flacco, he won’t be around to efficiently direct the offense the way he did Oct. 3 when the Ravens scored their first Heinz win in four years, 17-14.


That day, the Ravens formed one of their best barricades of the season around their third-year quarterback, allowing just two quarterback hits and one sack. They outgained their hosts, 320-210, and scored the winning touchdown with 32 seconds left on Flacco’s 18-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Houshmandzadeh.


The time Flacco had to throw in that game still didn’t reverse his eight-game career stat line against the Steelers’ pass rush. Flacco has been sacked 20 times and thrown seven interceptions against just five touchdowns. In four of those games, Flacco has been taken down three or more times.



What's your keys to the game?



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To me, there are three:


1. Pressure on Ben - we must be in his grill ALL NIGHT. No missed tackles, mucho sacks and make life miserable for him.


2. Keeping Joe upright - got to protect him like last game. Keep Harrison, Timmons and "hairdo" guy off his ______.


3. 60 minutes - Team must perform all 3 game phases relentlessly, with a sense of urgency on every play. No letup.


Oh, and the 12th man has to come up huge. I'll be there and doing my part ! :gorave:

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