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On Colin Cowherd's show this AM, Sal Palantonio offered:


1. Joe Flacco's passer rating this year when blitzed, under pressure, guys in his grill is an impressive 101. 2. Not sure where or how he determined, but he is very impressed and said Joe seems to have gotten progressively better each year while under pressure. He wasnt dismissing the importance of protecting Joe but offered that Joe actaully thrives with pressure (see Housh TD catch in Pittsburgh).


2. He voiced concern over our running attack which he claimed has gotten progresively worse in the last 3-4 games and believes Cam's love for the pass could be the teams undoing Sunday night. Like most everyone, Sal says are running game must improve in December if we are to become a playoff team.


None of this is earth shattering or enlightening but just another perspective.


Go Ravens ! :gorave:

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Guest BallTMore

There's a guy on the scout board (Film Study)that has talked in length about Joe's QB rating and completion percentage under pressure. He had the same good things to say. The Jets game is a perfect example of Joe thriving under pressure.


Where Joe needs to improve is when teams rush three and drop everyone back (Cincinnati does this almost every time we play them). He needs to get better at sliding around and buying time for his receivers to get open.. He tends to get a bit jumpy and disrupts his own timing.


Still. It's good to see he can handle the heat when other teams bring it.

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Sal Pal just called out Cam on 105.7, said we should have ran the ball. Also we wont beat Pitt or NE with this same O game plan.


I agree with him.


He was spot on about Joes passing under pressure and our lack of running attack. The problem, Crav, is we have forgotten how to effectively run the ball. I am not sure we have enough time to "turn this ship around". Texans and NO are actually stout against the run, Browns not bad, Cincy so so.


The point: We lost our 3 headed monster and its OL this year. If we dont miraculously find it, we end up 8-8 or 9-7.

If we rediscover it, we could make it as a wild card and make a run.

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