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O's get Reynolds


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Not really. Reynolds will be our 2010 Garrett Atkins.


I'm actually really pissed off that we traded for him. He's not that valuable.


I disagree


I liked Hernandez, but by being viewed as a relief pitcher he became expandable.


There is no reason to think Reynolds can't hit here when the NL West has some of the best pitchers in the game

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And unlike Atkins, he didn't do his best work in a hitter friendly park during the roid era.


The guy has averaged 34 HRs for four seasons in a big ballpark. Avg or no, I think he can play.


I also think that Showalter is having plenty of say in these acquisitions (Hardy today, I'll take it) and I trust Buck.

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I love the moves we have made! Sure, they are nothing compared to getting A-Gon, Crawford, or Lee, but the are smart, cheap moves that will have an impact on this team. Add Adam LaRoche or Derreck Lee and some relief pitching and I certain believe Buck can have this team over .500. A breakout year from Wieters, a rebound year from Markakis, a healthy B-Rob, and continued success from Berge, Matusz, and Arrieta under Buck and who knows where this team could go (maybe not playoffs, but maybe 90 wins?).


Reynolds is going to be great for us. He is moving to a more hitter's friendly park and finally gives us a bat against LHP. Reynolds smashes LHP with a career OPS of .932, something we desparately need. More importantly he gives us a right handed bat to put inbetween Markakis and Scott. Markakis can hit second with Reynolds third and Scott clean-up. Sure, the strike out numbers are big, but he walks 75 times a year and has a .340 OBP. A return to 40 homers is a real possibility.


Hardy is a huge upgrade of Izturis. There is no defensive drop-off and you have a guy who has a career .746 OPS from the shortstop position. In an off, injured-year he had a .714 OPS. Izturis has a career .619 OPS and has never had an OPS near .714. Simply put, Hardy was the best SS available on the market. Huge upgrade. And if Hardy can return to 2007-2008 form when he was healthy, its an even bigger upgrade. You have a good 5-6 hitter. If he can't return to form, you have a much better 7-8 hitter than Izturis was. Plus, Hardy is a good looking guy so he should be a marketable player. He was very popular in Milwaukee.


We didn't have a chance at Crawford or A-Gon. No chance A-Gon would have signed an extension here. We are doing the best we can do, that's all you can ask. I'll be happy with .500 baseball!

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