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The NFL is in trouble


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1 day ago 4


A) Cutler was a runner


B) Suh gave Cutler an open handed shove from behind in the shoulder pads


C) Cutler was not already going down


D) If I am Cutler I would rather Suh push me down than tackle me with his full weight (see Stafford/Peppers)


F) It is a mute point Lions still couldn't cover on the next play


E) This is American Football. Right?


G) all the above





1 day ago 3


Awful call, who cares if it has impact on the game, calls like this could have impact on future games. Goodell is slowly pussy-fying the NFL, you cant hit anybody anymore, you cant touch a QB, Suh clearly just pushed Cutler, there was no forearm to the head, no toucheing of the head, he can't help that he is the strongest man in the entire NFL, it's ridiculous that they penalize players for playing hard, Stop the pussification of the NFL immediately or they will lose fans.





32 minutes ago


I'm not a Lions fan, but this team has been on the receiving in on some really bad calls this year. The season opener against the Bears being the first one, another in the Dallas game and of course this. But this play was especially shitty as a flag wouldn't have been thrown if Suh was shoving down a RB or receiver. The fact that it was a QB made Steroid Ed throw the flag due to the leagues over protection of players from that position.





15 hours ago


They might as well put flags on!!!! this is such bullshit!!!!!!! this if the NFL!!!! come on!!!!






1 day ago 9


Where the fuck was the penalty!? I'm tired of this fucking league. That asshole better get an envelope in the mail tomorrow

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1 day ago 5


I said it before and will say it again the teams should be able to fine the refs and or the league for bad calls and allowing that hit to go unflagged was a bad call , lust like Ndamukong Suh was flagged for shoving Cutler to the ground????????


REALLY ??????? is this the nfl today ,Goodell is in over his head and is making up rules as he goes along ,if the rule applies to James Harrison then it applies to the rest of the NFL.




7 hours ago


@gmelroy riiiiiight..... and you can make your car change direction at the last second to avoid an accident too..... lemme introduce you to this new fangled thing called 'Physics'..... it's part of this revolutionary study called 'science' and there's even this thing called momentum!! I can't even begin to explain it all because it's sooooo new and unheard of. I bet someday we're going to understand it all and the ignorant (hahahahha) people will get their's!





18 hours ago


@bronken5 if they're going to call the game call it the same every game, either treat all quarterbacks like men or like pussys, but they need to pick one because when the steelers play the pats you cant call every little hit on brady and nothing on ben. also goodell fines all hits, look up harrison's hit on massaquoi, a reciever, so if goodell wants to prove he isnt corrupt he needs to fine this hit




22 hours ago


I have to agree with majority. When I saw the play I really thought he was dead on the field. There should be some fallout not only on the player but on the Referees.


My contention is this. The NFL is ruining it's product. People are getting pissed with the BS calls, missed calls, crazy rule changes, and illogical application of rules. This stuff is getting worse year by year and game by game. At what point will the NFL keep people blindly following their BS before they say enough is enough and decide to watch and do other things. There is a huge recesion out there that only looks to get worse and they charge hand over fist to give the crap product that have now.


Not every institution can stay on top forever. The NFL should ask the horse racing industry, boxing, and baseball. They screwed themselves with poor decisions that have effected their place on the sports landscape.

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