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Medicinal Pot Denied Long Suffering Browns Fans

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The Ohio Court insists that Browns fans continue to suffer without hope of relieving their pain. :nono:




A proposal to alleviate the pain of being a Bengals and Browns fan has gone up in smoke.

Being a fan of the NFL's franchises in Cincinnati and Cleveland does not meet the condition requirements to purchase medical marijuana, an Ohio medical board committee has ruled.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the panel that met in Columbus turned down several petitions regarding conditions that could help Ohio residents take advantage of a 2016 law that allowed them to buy marijuana medicinally.

In December, being a "Browns/Bengals fan" was among the multiple petitions filed, according to the newspaper. In three of the past four years, one of those two franchises has been the worst in the NFL....https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28688270/ohio-medical-board-committee-says-browns-bengals-fandom-not-enough-medical-marijuana

You'd think the reverse would be true....that season ticket holders would be given an ounce of pot with their ticket purchase.

upinsmoke.jpg "Hey man it came with my tickets!"



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