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It's Our Job To Worry


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And we do a damn good job of it! :)


I got a kick out of this from Kevin Byrne. I always enjoy his insight.


Hey, we all know this team.


They're 12-4, in the playoffs again, but their fans are uneasy, and the media is questioning how well they can do in the postseason.


A highly-respected reporter who has covered this team for decades reminded me of the common criticisms surrounding this NFL power:


* The offensive coordinator is terrible; surely too conservative, and some even suggest he should be fired

* The offense has no identity

* The offensive line can't knock people off the ball the way it once did

* The pass protection is soft

* Some critics say they throw too much; others say they don't throw enough

* The quarterback holds the ball too long and has trouble reading defenses

* The defense is OK, but not the one that scared opponents a few years ago

* The defense is one injury away to a certain safety to being just an average group

* The corners can't hold up against teams with a reasonable passing attack


But enough about the Steelers.

Yes, go to the web and read opinions on the Steelers. I did and then called a longtime Pittsburgh reporter I respect and asked him to list the common complaints about Mike Tomlin's team. The list above is what he gave me.




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