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I fully believe the Jets will beat the Steelers next week. The Jets are very talented and deep on defense, especially in the defensive secondary. They got to Brady five times, imagine what they will do to Ben. On offense the Jets have one of the best lines in the league, they will certainly be able to stand up to the Steelers. Furthermore, the Jets already beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh this season, that was no fluke. We left a lot of yards on the field against the Steelers, the Jets have a lot more speed on offense and will be able to exploit the Steelers secondary. Santonio Holmes will definitely have a big day.


I do agree with Outside though, what a wasted opportunity. Not because I think any less of the Jets, but for the potential home game in the AFC Championship game.

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Guest BallTMore

It's cricket for me from here on out.


I can't believe we once again propelled the FUCKING STEELERS to a Super Bowl.



Jolly good day to you all.

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