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Changing of the Guard


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We have a new era of young and highly talented QB's making noise in the NFL now:


Of the four quarterbacks remaining in the AFC playoffs, three are from the 2018 AFC draft class and one from the 2017 draft (Patrick Mahomes). Here are the ages of all the starting quarterbacks left in the AFC playoffs:

  1. Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns) -- 25 years, 272 days 
  2. Patrick Mahomes  (Kansas City Chiefs) -- 25 years, 116 days 
  3. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) -- 24 years, 235 days 
  4. Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) -- 24 years, 4 days

The NFC quarterbacks left are a bit older than Mayfield and his AFC counterparts, especially considering Tom Brady and Drew Brees are squaring off Saturday. Brees, who turns 42 this week, will be facing the 43-year-old Brady in the divisional round Sunday. Here are the ages of all the starting quarterbacks left in the NFC playoffs:

  1. Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) -- 43 years, 161 days
  2. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) -- 41 years, 362 days (turns 42 this week)
  3. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) -- 37 years, 40 days 
  4. Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams) -- 26 years, 86 days 

    or John Wolford (Los Angeles Rams) -- 25 years, 87 days (if he starts)

If Goff starts for the Rams (thumb injury), he'll still be older than Mayfield and any of the AFC starting quarterbacks remaining -- which is crazy to even consider as the divisional round kicks off this weekend. 2021 NFL playoffs: Baker Mayfield, at just 25, the oldest starting quarterback remaining in AFC field (msn.com)


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