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Squeelers fans show how stupid they are again


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Teen Blames Steelers For Shot Fired During Super Bowl Party


PITTSBURGH -- A Super Bowl party being thrown by teenagers got out of hand in Brookline after fights broke out and a shot was fired, police said.


The juvenile who threw the party at his Creedmore Avenue home on Feb. 6 told Channel 11 News alcohol was being consumed at the party, but that it shouldn’t have been there.


He said an uninvited 16-year-old showed up, which prompted an argument and fighting on the porch of the home. That’s when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired a shot, causing others to flee the scene, police said.


"There were a couple of kids from another neighborhood and there was an altercation and a fight broke out," the teen said.


Partygoers identified the suspect, who police saw a short time later nearby. During a pursuit, police said the teen tried to hide a gun and fought with officers.


Police searched the area but only found a BB gun. However, they said the shell casing found at the scene belonged to a 9 mm handgun, but that weapon wasn’t recovered.


“If only the Steelers had won, none of this probably would have happened,” said the teen who threw the party.


The Steelers lost 31-25 to the Green Bay Packers.


The suspect already had a warrant out for his arrest police said, but they didn’t elaborate. He was taken to the Shuman Detention Center on the warrant and other charges, including discharging an air rifle and disorderly conduct, among others.

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