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Stover Retirement Press Conference


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Here's the transcript....



What is the one moment you remember more than any other in your career?


(STOVER) “Other than the 43-yard field goal that we kicked the last kick with the Ravens, it was the 47-yard field goal in the Super Bowl. What was going on in the locker room prior to the game was the defense called out the offense and they said, ‘You get us 10 [points], we win. That’s 10 points. All we need is 10.’ To an offense, that’s pretty cool. That’s letting the reins out pretty easy – let’s just get 10. [brandon] Stokley scores the first 7, if you recall, I kick the extra point, and we’re up by 7. A minute and 58 seconds left [in the half], I’m lining up for a 47-yard field goal. When I’m trotting out onto the field, I hear from Rob Burnett, ‘We get 10, we win, Stove.’ I said, ‘Gee, thanks for the extra pressure, man.’ And we hit it. Qadry [ismail], Brad [Jackson], we were all part of that right? I remember Brad – I’m sure you were one of the guys saying, ‘You get 10, we win,’ right? Yeah, and we did. We got the 10 points and we were in the locker room at half-time, and they said, ‘We got it. It’s over.’ And it was; it was over. So, that was the most memorable kick that I ever had.”



We were so fortunate to have Matt...what a great career and legacy.

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He was there for nearly twenty years. And that he is a classy kind of guy. Both on and off the field. You don't see many of those like MS in the past! Good luck to him in the future.

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