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Hey. It was a present. Not gonna turn it down.


Plus, my other iPod was the original Gen 2... I got it in 2003! And it is pretty much dead. It was time for an upgrade.


I am not overly impressed by too many technologies... but this thing blows me away. The ease of use and just intuitiveness of the entire design is just too cool.


But, as you have probably figured out, it's the ability of the Touch to use wireless internet (not mobile internet, wireless from a router) that has me oohing and aahing. Who needs a laptop? I've got my desktop upstairs, but now I can check scores, email etc from the couch... and probably faster than my brother can on his laptop these days.


And the video quality is ridiculous.


(this was not typed on my ipod, by the by. lol)

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My brother got one and was showing me it on Christmas. It seemed really cool.


I love technology but that hasnt extended to me with cell phones yet. I have one, but its kept on the floor of my car in case of an emergency. I'll carry it if I am expecting a phone call, but under normal circumstances I wont. I dont want to be taking phone calls in stores, libraries, etc.


I do realize I am the odd one here, even older family members laugh at me.

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I know a few folks like you, Spen. My dad included. He has a phone... kept in the car... voicemail even says "I don't know how to check my voicemail... so don't leave a message."


I only got a phone when I went to college. 2 months into first semester at a school of 35k kids, I called my 'rents and said "this just isn't possible without a phone." It wasn't. When everyone else had a phone, it was impossible to schedule anything with anyone without a phone in the middle of campus.


I'm not a phone guy like most... I use it as my primary line, but have no problems if I leave it home or wherever.

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