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Who has missed me

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Where is Curmudgeon at......



I know he needs to let some steam out....





Probably on the golf message board on espn....go figures



Hello to my fellow Raven friends....getting excited for the epic match up this weekend? I am actually going to sincerely enjopy watching this game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I think this game is going to be extremely close and come down to whether or not Flacco can lead his team on a late touchdown drive to seal the deal. I pretty much expect this game to be a lot like the last regular season game except I think Baltimore is going to have a better passing attack granted Flacco does not choke which I expect not since he is playing at home...Plus acquiring Lee Evans might have been the biggest upgrade Baltimore made this season. He will certainly provide a Mike Wallace type attribute and keep Troy in the secondary....


The key to this game for Baltimroe is special teams and the offensive passing.....Pittsburgh is stacked with the front 7....If the OLINE can keep Flacco up and give him time, I see Baltimore making this extremely interesting...Pittsburgh secondary is the weak link and I expect Cameron to allow Flacco to throw the ball 40 times....Now Flacco has shown in the past he gets flustered sometimes and he must finally prove he is up there with Big Ben.....Beating Pittsburgh will mean Flacco airs it out and does not commit turnovers. Doing that will also open up the lanes for Ray Ray and Ricky....If they do that as well as good special teams....They have no reason to lose unless Pittsburgh plays flawless which I expect not....


Regardless unfortunately, I pick Pittsburgh 27-23......




Crave....love the family pic....now can put face to name.

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Welcome aboard Fin, most of the ESPN crew dosent come over here...


I agree with Lee Evans being able to play adds a new demension to our passing attack, and with Oher back where he belongs and McKinney at LT should give Bazooka Joe added time.


It'll be a typical Ravens/Steelers game settled by 3 points or less.

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