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Washington nickname not hailed by all


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“The majority of the native people are against the name; you know that, right?” he said. “I mean, the museum is not supposed to have an official opinion. But for me, the way I look at it is, if you’re going to be taken seriously you can’t be a cartoon or somebody’s mascot.”

To my wonder, many people, native and non-native, shuddered when asked.

In fact, every time I mentioned the team name to visitors or museum workers — about 70 percent of whom are not American Indian — they became uncomfortably quiet, as if I’d uttered an ethnic slur or something.

I have written about this issue before. My views on the nickname crystallized somewhere between visiting the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota — where the word “Redskins” was equated to the n-word — and having a Redskins player tell me if the team was called the Blackskins, “you think Clinton Portis is suiting up for Dan Snyder on Sunday?”



Yaaaaaa!!!!!! There's crab lice on our seats!!!!!!"


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I live adjacent to the Yavapai Apache Indian reservation here in Arizona, and I must say I've seen quite a few of them wearing Redskins jerseys and jackets. Rest assured none of these people are from the D.C. area. I feel they take offense to the name Redskins about as much as I do honky or redneck.


Just sayin'.

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