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Yets Falling Apart


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Yea...they got an easy game comming up Sunday, but after the receivers mutiny on Shottenheimer, Holmes comes up with this gem...


- Now it's official: The New York Jets' locker room is fractured.

Veteran guard Brandon Moore, taking offense to Santonio Holmes' latest criticism of the offensive line, fired back at the wide receiver Friday, telling ESPNNewYork.com that Holmes is creating a rift by throwing teammates under the bus.


"He's obviously got the green light to evaluate every position on the team," Moore said. "I just didn't think captaincy entailed that. I've never seen a captain do that. That's not leading. That's not being a leader. It actually fragments the locker room. It's not productive."

"Somebody at the top is telling him it's OK," Moore said. Turning sarcastic, he added, "He's the captain. If that's how the captain feels about things, that's the psyche of the offense, I guess. Everybody takes their marching orders from that."


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