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Thanks, J-Peeezy

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Crammed into the shabby visitors locker room in the Meadowlands, swapping “AFC East Champions” swag and soaking in the blaring hip-hop, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter said the playoff berth was especially sweet “with all the [expletive] we went through last year with Cam Cameron [and] whatever he was trying to do.”


“We all deserve this,” chirped linebacker Channing Crowder. “We all went through 1-15. We all went through Cam Cameron’s [expletive]. We needed someone [like Bill Parcells] to come in and be like this. … The guys that’s been through all the BS down in Miami with all the coaching changes and the quarterback controversy, all that. They brought in a real quarterback, a real coach. They got rid of what’s his name, Cam, just started rolling, and now we’re loving it.”




Alright, guys. This should be all we need. Porter and Crowder (who?) just gave us all the bulletin board material we need. You know Ray Lewis and company are going to go to WAR for Cameron and the team. Thanks for waking the sleeping giant!

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Guest BallTMore

Wow! I normally don't believe in the "bulletin board" stuff, but this will get some people fired up. That's some nasty stuff.



I hope the Ravens can give Cam another gatorade shower after Sunday!

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