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Stover goes in the Ring

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He belongs in the Hall of Fame.


Stover was Mr Clutch...Automatic Matt...consistent as hell...and he sholdered one hell of a load in 2000...one of my all time Raven favorites.


Goose And The Little Kicker


Don’t remember which game, but do recall being on the sideline at the end of a nail-biter that was going to be decided by Matt Stover. The unwritten rule for talking to a kicker in that circumstance is the same as when you have a pitcher working on a no-hitter: YOU DON’T TALK TO THE GUY.


Siragusa didn’t believe in that rule. Here’s what I remember hearing: “Listen you blanking little kicker, you better make that kick, or don’t come back to the sideline. I’ll break your blanking skinny legs if you miss it. Think I’m kiddin’? Just go do your blanking job.”


Stover never turned his head to acknowledge the Goose. But, he did make the kick, and he was allowed back to our sideline.


“Matt knows I love him,” Siragusa told me on Thursday. “I just don’t like kickers. Damn kickers, running around in their ‘Toys-R-Us’ pads. They don’t practice. They never get hit. They make up things to do to fill up their days when we’re out there pounding on each other. Sometimes they go play nine holes. They have long lunch hours. They don’t even have to shower.”


Goose, do you think you motivated Matt with your rants?


“You tell me,” Tony continued. “You’re putting him in the Ring of Honor. Man, I would say horrible things to Matt. I remember one time I yelled at him when he was trotting out to hit a game-winner: ‘If you miss this kick, I’ll hurt your family. I think that made him smile a little. And, that stance; I was all over that sissy stance he got into before the kick."




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