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Suggs Postgame w/ Total Access

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Suggs Postgame:




This was a good segment. There's an interesting comment from Suggs @ about the 4 minute mark where he admits that one of the reasons the team has been so inconsistent is that the D has been consumed with Ray Rice's lack of touches in games. The rest of the segment is great material also.


Edit: Also figured i'd link to the Harbaugh Postgame


This was even better than the Sizzle segment I thought. Good stuff from Harbs

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Guest BallTMore

Suggs has really exploded into a leadership role this season. I feel he has surpassed Reed as next in line for emotional leader, and I love Ed Reed (Deion voice: He's mah BABY!)


Ray gets everyone ready to run through a brick wall, but I feel Suggs is starting to reach that level. Just like Sugah, Suggs now has his own theme music. In fact, Sizzle has multiple songs. "Lose my mind, and "Ball so hard". The crowd goes nuts when he starts dancing on the big screen.


Love the guy! Glad he put that awful season behind him and stepped up his game.


Le' get it, shorty!


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