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Things are Good in Baltimore


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For this fan it's great to wake up this morning. I bet it is for you too.

I have the day off and this huge Ravens victory, that for a week or two, means my nerves and purple blood pressure will be just fine. :gorave:

Crav doesn't have to go to the Bengals or Stealers board to eat cold crow and he actually was a factor in this game by putting the Curse on the Bengals.

A home playoff game is just starting to sink in.


Loved John Eisenbergs article here...there was a lot of drama yesterday that we probably were not aware of....


By the middle of the fourth quarter, the Ravens were barely hanging on, seemingly running on fumes. Their sideline was strewn with injured players. Their two-touchdown lead was evaporating.


“We were down six, seven, eight players,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “There were three or four concussions, an MCL sprain, a couple of other things. We had starters playing on special teams. We were scrambling.”


On the field, guard Marshall Yanda delivered a block and fell to the ground, reinjuring his bruised ribs. But he looked up and saw his teammate, running back Ray Rice, sprinting toward the end zone on a 51-yard touchdown run that locked up a 24-16 win for the Ravens over the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.


“That’s good pain,” Yanda said. “To get up off the ground and see Ray in the end zone is a good feeling, no matter how much you’re hurting.”

.....After locking up their first-ever perfect (6-0) record in divisional play, the Ravens retreated to their locker room. The doors remained closed for what were obviously 15 emotional minutes. You could hear the players and coaches cheering, applauding and chanting “MVP” at Suggs.


There were injured players everywhere. Tom Zbikowski and Jimmy Smith had concussions. Brendan Ayanbadejo had a strained quadriceps. Jameel McClain had a sprained knee. Yanda was practically doubled over.


But they were all as happy as they were sore.


“This is why I played, to be a part of a moment like this, to come into the locker room knowing you contributed to a win like this and a division title,” Yanda said. “It’s huge. Now we’ve got a week off, then the playoffs at home. Things are good in Baltimore.”



Check out the Cory Redding video on the csnbaltimore.com site....he's happy as shit. Another great find by Ozzie.




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