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Steelers doctor deals HGH


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He's been doping them up....


Clearly, this is a Steelers town, and Rydze is a Steelers guy. For 22 seasons, longer than the tenure of Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw or any of the other Steelers icons, Rydze, 58, paced the Pittsburgh sideline as part of the medical team. Then suddenly, in the summer of 2007, like a free-agent rookie signed as training camp fodder, the bespectacled internal medicine specialist quietly parted ways with the Steelers.


The details are sketchy, but his split with the team came approximately four months after news reports identified him as the buyer of a substantial quantity of human growth hormone (HGH) from a Florida pharmacy during several months in 2006. HGH, a performance enhancer banned by the NFL and other major sports leagues, is the supplement of choice for some athletes because it can't be detected by current testing.


Rydze has not been charged with violating any laws. But in February 2007, two law enforcement officials dropped by his former downtown practice in the Heinz 57 Center office building to question him about the use of a credit card to buy about $150,000 worth of HGH and testosterone -- with a retail value approaching $1 million -- from Signature Pharmacy. That Orlando, Fla., compounding facility had been raided days earlier as part of a multiagency investigation into the online sale of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.


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