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Solid article on Suggs


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Terrell Suggs is having an outstanding season...and he's having a good time. In some way he's like Goose with the media. He just loosens things up, cracks some jokes and then goes out on the field and kicks some ass.

Here's a real good read...


Suggs plays with an almost childlike enthusiasm, and it's infectious. When he poked the ball out of Jermaine Gresham's clutches in the waning minutes against Cincinnati, it was classic Suggs, Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth said -- always hustling, never solely relying on his gifts.


"If I was going to create a player on the 'Madden' football game, I'd create somebody just like Terrell Suggs to play on my defense," Whitworth said. "Physically, he is the biggest, fastest, strongest and most athletic guy you're going to face in this league. He's everything you'd want in a defensive football player."





I read articles like this and know that the Ravens D...the whole team will show up Sunday and give Houston Hell.

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That was a great article. The parts about Suggs' high school days were especially interesting. I had no idea he was a running back, but I guess a lot of guys played that position back in high school. I remember watching Foxworth run the ball at Western Tech...he was great too.

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