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The Curse of Pollard


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th_dr-evil-original.jpg "From Don Banks....


Patriots fans must wake up in the middle of the night with a case of the cold sweats, seeing Bernard Pollard's face -- or at least his No. 31 -- everywhere they look.


Talk about a nemesis. Pollard is the guy who busted up Brady's knee in Week 1 of 2008 -- as a Chiefs safety -- and he's also the guy who tackled the injured Wes Welker when the New England receiver blew out his knee in the final game of the 2009 season in Houston. And now Pollard has done damage to Patriots nation while wearing the colors of a third NFL team.


Pollard is the first defender to slow down New England's beast of a tight end, Rob Gronkowski, in quite some time. Gronkowski twisted his ankle and left the game for a while late in the third quarter after being tackled by Pollard, and did not record a catch after the injury.


And Pollard saved his best for last, executing that exquisite tip drill in coverage of Patriots receiver Matthew Slater in the end zone midway through the fourth quarter, batting the ball to Ravens rookie cornerback Jimmy Smith, who made the interception and a 39-yard return. New England survived Pollard, but just barely. And if Gronkowski is slowed in the Super Bowl by his ankle sprain, the Curse of Pollard will strike once again in Foxboro.



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