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ArizonaState_logo.gif Vontaze Burfict*, ILB, Arizona State

Height: 6-3. Weight: 250.

Projected 40 Time: 4.63.

Projected Round (2012): 1.

12/26/11: Burfict had a disappointing season this year. The junior is still developing, but looks like he could be a special player in the NFL. Burfict makes big plays, but seems to hold back some of the aggressiveness that made him such a presence in his first two seasons. In 2011, he had 69 tackles with seven tackles for a loss, five sacks, three passes broken up and an interception.


Burfict's best game this season came against USC when he had five tackles and a tackle for a loss. He made a game-changing play by intercepting Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley in the red zone and returning the ball to just past midfield. Including his outing against USC, Burfict did not have a game all season where he recorded double-digit tackles. Too often, he was quiet and did not make an impact in the ground game.



Can't find anything other than a highlight vid.



Alabama_logo.gif Dont'a Hightower*, ILB, Alabama

Height: 6-4. Weight: 260.

Projected 40 Time: 4.85.

Projected Round (2011): 1.

12/26/11: Hightower has had a good season for Alabama. He has been a tough, in-the-box defender and has increased his splash plays. Hightower has shown the ability to be a dangerous blitzer as well. He looks much faster than he did in 2010 when he was in his first season back from knee surgery. Hightower has 81 tackles with 9.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks, one interception and three passes batted away this season. He had a dominant game against Tennessee and played well versus LSU. Against Georgia Southern, Hightower blocked a field goal and it looked like he was spiking a volleyball. Hightower is a real presence in the tackle box.



Same problem. I do like how he diagnosis plays.

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NCState_logo.gif Audie Cole, ILB, North Carolina State

Height: 6-4. Weight: 248.

Projected 40 Time: 4.65.

Arm: 32 1/4. Hand: 10.

Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

12/26/11: Cole has put together a solid senior season. In 2011, he has recorded 98 tackles with 9.5 tackles for a loss, 3.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and four passes broken up. Cole can be a tough defender in the tackle box with good instincts. In the spring of 2011, North Carolina State moved him to the middle linebacker spot. In 2010, for the second straight year, Cole led the team in tackles. He recorded 97 tackles with 10.5 tackles for a loss as an outside linebacker. As a sophomore, Cole led the team in tackles with 85. He needs to get bigger for the NFL.


I like how fast he moves around but he doesn't deal with blockers from the line well.


NorthCarolina_logo.gif Kevin Reddick*, ILB, North Carolina

Height: 6-3. Weight: 240.

Projected 40 Time: 4.67.

Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

12/26/11: Reddick has been solid for North Carolina this season, collecting 67 tackles with six tackles for a loss, one sack and four passes broken up. He has been overshadowed by Zach Brown but is a quality prospect. Reddick could standout more if he returns for his senior year and continues to improve.

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I expect him to be gone far before the Ravens draft.


That may very well be true - but I also hear that he's being looked at as a 4-3 MLB only - whereas some of the other guys could play OLB or ILB in a 3-4, and DE/OLB/MLB in a 4-3.


He'll probably go top 20, but crazier things have happened with linebackers who are seen as limited (Dan Connor, James Laurinaitus, Sean Lee, Brandon Spikes were all early-grade 1st rounders who fell to round 2)


Either way, he's at least worth a mention.

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James-Michael Johnson, ILB, Nevada


6'1 - 241 lbs


Read & React: Possesses limited vision, finding his way to the ball within the hashes but can be fooled by misdirection. Can scrape down the line to follow run plays, but does not have elite diagnosing skills or closing speed to be a major factor outside the box.

Run defense: Tough between-the-tackles defender. Can shimmy past oncoming pull guard, but usually takes on lineman blocks, either anchoring to fill the hole, or shedding/getting low to make plays while engaged. Downhill player who takes aggressive angles that cause him to miss hard-charging backs. Change in direction ability is average, ballcarriers can elude him in space.

Pass defense: Strong tackler against throws to stopped receivers over the middle, capable of separating the ball by ripping it out or with a big hit. Limited in his coverage range, will be a liability in man coverage responsibilities, though, against quicker, savvy pro wideouts.

Tackling: Not an elite thumper in the middle, but is strong enough to stop backs quickly upon contact. Good hustle downfield and to the sideline, though his lack of speed hurts his ability to make a lot of plays outside the box. Better coming downhill, does not own elite speed to recover once a step away from the play. Stronger back can run through his tackles when he stops his feet after contact. Gets caught up in cut blocks too easily.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Though not often brought on a true blitz, will fight through traffic and running back blocks to reach or pressure the quarterback when given the chance. Shows some flexibility to loop around blockers to reach the quarterback. Gets his hand into passing lanes when possible. Lacks closing speed to seal the deal against mobile passers.

Intangibles: Elected team captain as a junior, vocal leader on and off the field. Strong work ethic in the weight room and film room. No known character concerns.

Much better against the run than in coverage. Not super on the run either. Sort of like Ray Lewis now.



draft scout 3-4th

walter 4-5th

draft blitz 3rd


He is a guy. Not great but can help.

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