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This still ticks me off


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We already had Flynn and Mitchell as rookies on the team that year, not to mention Wally Williams, who played center as much as he did guard. There was no need for Saturday. Especially considering he lacked so many physical attributes that an offensive lineman should have; the only reasons Saturday became a very good player were years of polishing skills, and playing in front of possibly the best QB in history.

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Know who else we should have held on to?


Priest Holmes

James Harrison

Derrick Alexander


Wait a minute... why didn't we take Tom Brady before Bill Belichick did! He was like a 6th round pick for crying out loud!


Oh right... hindsight is 20/20. Everybody coulda woulda shoulda had they known what they know now. Why are you whining about this? Shoulda kept Jeff Saturday 14 years ago... you find me anyone that even gave that move a second look. Find me one article, one byline, one roster note that says anything other than "cut" or "added"...

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